Catering Services For Social Events

Celebrating a joyful event like a birthday, anniversary or even a simple family reunion calls for delectable and sumptuous food. In fact, guests pay special attention to the food items at any party. It is the taste, quality and even the appearance of the dishes which determines the mood and tone of the party!

Service That is Truly Personalised

At V4 Hospitality Services, we specialize in crafting awesome delicacies that are of premium quality, look exquisite and are relished by the guests. We have an incredible variety of menu options across local and exotic cuisines.


We can cater to every kind of event, palate and budget - from a chic, gala party to an intimate gathering of a couple of friends and relatives, from gourmet finger food to special diets and from casual get-togethers to formal, theme parties. Our chefs have an extensive culinary repertoire and can dish up innovative creations to suit different themes and palates. The presentation is also unique and striking; guests will not be able to resist sampling each and every item on the menu. And the Instagram pages will soon be flooded with ‘#foodporn’ posts!

Our service is always top-class and impressive. We have well-trained stewards who possess professional expertise in arranging and serving the food with care. The personal touch is remarkable and makes the guests feel special.

So, put your party hat on and enjoy while we wow your guests and create a memorable experience! People will truly savor the appetizing aromas wafting from the food stations and delight in the luscious tastes lingering on their taste buds. The compliments are bound to keep flowing in for days and weeks following the celebration!

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